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Operation Driftnet Wrap-upFresh off the back of the successful…

Operation Driftnet Wrap-up

Fresh off the back of the successful Operation Icefish, The MV Steve Irwin encountered another fleet of illegal fishing vessels, this time in the Indian Ocean. Watch the video to see how Captain Sid Chakravarty and the crew of the Steve Irwin successfully delivered the Fu Yuan Yu fleet into the hands of justice.

“If we are to change and secure the future health of our oceans, then the countries of the world really need to wake up to the realities of illegalities on the high seas, and work towards securing a convention to be able to tackle and put an end to this form of illegality.” – Capt Sid Chakravarty.

Sea Shepherd’s flagship vessel Steve Irwin will arrive back in Williamstown, Victoria at 0800 Wednesday, after two successful campaigns shutting down illegal fishing on the high seas.