Original Idea

This is the idea surrounding a 30 second propaganda advertisement against whaling.

The propaganda text begins with an overhead long shot of human children, women and men swimming
calmly past each other in an ocean environment (whales). The camera then tracks
a man with his mouth taped doing backstroke quite calmly through the mass of
people whose mouths are also taped shut. The camera returns to the overhead
shot of the swimming people as boats begin to slowly enter the frame, crowding
the swimmers in. This will be followed by three quick shots of intended
death/slaughter of the swimming families (like where you don’t see them die but
you know they do). In the middle of the mayhem of hunters slaughtering stand a
small boy with a crying mother (both have taped mouths). The stand still in
centre frame. This shot is followed by a mirroring shot of a child and his
father standing on the beach (also surrounded by slaughter in slow motion).
There is a close up of the taped boys face with one tear running down his face
as his mother’s arm gets ripped away from him. The boy keeps eye contact with
the camera. Then a close up of the hunter boy, a tear also runs down his face
as he stares down the camera. His father puts a spear to his chest (like hands
it to him aggressively). The child slowly, unsurely, grips it and takes a
breath. The shot returns to the overhead of the water, now reddened with blood
and no sign of life. The words “speak for those who can’t” slowly fade onto the
screen, shortly followed by the fade in of the sea shepherd logo.