Facebook comment lefty by a Sea Shepherd Cove Guardian…

Facebook comment lefty by a Sea Shepherd Cove Guardian supporter on their Facebook page “Sea Shepherd Cove Guardians Page (official).”  It was a response to their entry titled “Nov 4th Risso’s slaughter.”  Here is what was written by Sea Shepherd:

“Today, for the 2nd consecutive day, the Cove runs Red with the blood of innocent dolphins.

 Today the hunters of Taiji located a pod of Risso’s dolphins and drove them into the killing cove, where they slaughtered approximately 17 and took 3 babies/juvenile orphans back to sea and dumped them, where they will have a limited chance of survival.

 This is the 10th pod of Risso’s that have been slaughtered this season, with a total number of approximately 85 murdered Risso’s dolphins. They have also slaughtered one pod of approximately 11 bottlenose dolphins and approximately 15 pilot whales, bringing their total number of murder victims to approximately 111.”

That comment left was written to invoke hate from their minions resulting in the comment read above. 

Link to Sea Shepherd’s Cove Guardian Facebook page: